Turath D.

If I could give Dr. Sarah Winter 10 stars, I would. I had my treatment done today, two crowns placed, instead of two root canals as was recommended by another dentist, at Western Dental. I was so happy to hear that Dr. Sarah was able to save two of my teeth when, other dentists would have just performed a very expensive root canal. The quality of care I received today was far beyond what I’ve ever experienced in a dentist’s office. I had major anxiety driving all the way to her office, but I kept reminding myself of how calm Dr. Sarah was when I had met her the first time. And sure enough as soon as I walked into her office, my worries were left at the door and I knew I was in good hands. Do you want to know how much pain I felt today? Zero pain. Even hours after the numbness has dissipated, I have felt no pain. And I truly believe it’s because Dr. Sarah is an exceptional dentist, who puts the highest level of integrity into her work. And it shows across the board. There are a few essential professionals you need in life, and three of them are a trustworthy dentist, an honest mechanic, and a clever accountant. I’ve found two of those now…Anyone know a good accountant? Thanks again Dr. Sarah!

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