If you have anxiety over visiting the dentist, we are so happy that you are considering our practice. Sarah Winter Dental offers an entirely different approach than other offices you may have visited, one that will give you great care and a supportive and painless experience. For many people, finding Dr. Winter has completely changed the way they feel about going to the dentist.

The sedation dentistry we offer patients isn’t just about medication and anesthetic. We will give you the confidence that Dr. Winter is going to take care of you, ensure your comfort, and treat you in a way that you have fewer dental needs in the future. We provide a no-judgement, no-stress space for you to come in, get the care you need, and get on with your day.

Combining Supportive Care and Sedation Dentistry

Our method of sedation dentistry gives patients a calm and encouraging experience, one that makes them partners in their care.

Throughout your treatment, Dr. Winter will follow the pace that makes you most comfortable. Some patients don’t even get into the dental chair during their first visit, opting instead to discuss their needs and concerns with her. As a patient, she will take the time to help you understand what to expect and lessen any anxiety you may have.

During your visit, our staff can keep you comfortable in a variety of ways:

  • We will offer sedation dentistry as part of nearly any treatment patients have.
  • We create a relaxing experience for you with warm blankets, tranquil music paired with soft lighting, and aromatherapy for an atmosphere that is more like a spa than a dental office.
  • While under sedation, what you see and hear can make a big difference in your experience. Our staff will use “positive speak” to communicate with you throughout and to keep you feeling good about your treatment.


Our Approach to Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Winter uses oral conscious sedation for her patients. The medication will not make you sleep but will put you on the verge of sleep. You will always be aware and in control of what is going on, but the medicine has an amnesiac effect so that an appointment that lasts an hour may feel like five minutes. Many patients are surprised that their treatment is over so quickly.

In addition to sedation dentistry, Dr. Winter may use topical anesthetic for certain treatments. Through years of practice, she and our staff have developed techniques that will allow you to be profoundly numb and completely comfortable before you receive care. We will never rush your treatment and will always give you the time you need to have the best experience possible.

Improving Your Confidence with Every Visit

As Dr. Winter and our staff get to know you and learn your preferences, you can expect that subsequent visits with our practice will become even easier for you.

We pay special attention to what patients want and what helps them feel confident in their treatment. If there is a process, resource, or technique that we can add to your experience, we will make it part of your regular care or sedation dentistry routine.

Frequently with our patients, a positive visit or two can change the way they feel about dental care. In many cases, negative experiences in the past are what led to their anxiety about receiving treatment. We provide the type of dental appointment that reshapes the way they think about the dentist while at the same time offering high-quality care that reduces their need for future treatment.

Whether you are exploring options for a more beautiful smile or want to resolve persistent discomfort in your jaw or teeth, you shouldn’t have to dread receiving treatment. With Sarah Winter Dental, you can look forward to the care we will provide and the results that you will see.

Learn more about all the sedation dentistry options available for you. La Jolla patients can contact our practice for an appointment online or by phone at 858-454-1500.