Whether you want a more youthful and attractive smile or have chronic tooth sensitivity and discomfort, Sarah Winter Dental can improve the aesthetics of your teeth and the functionality of your bite. Led by Dr. Winter, our practice offers natural-looking, strong, and stable dental crowns for patients. The treatment that we provide is:

  • Natural looking. The combined artistry of Dr. Winter’s work and the contributions of expert ceramicists give our dental crowns natural character and beauty.
  • Non-metallic. Dental crowns made of advanced materials will replace the missing structure of your teeth. Our patients tend to tolerate these materials much more easily and don’t see the telltale dark lines that metal crowns create.
  • Long-lasting. Dr. Winter has years of experience in rejuvenating teeth with durable dental crowns and frequently trains other dentists to use same bonding materials and techniques she uses.

In just three visits with our practice, we can restore your smile and return worn and damaged teeth to their original healthy condition. Learn more about what you can expect in our care.

Dr. Winter’s Approach with Dental Crowns

Sarah Winter Dental has established its reputation for excellence in cosmetic dentistry in part because of our work with dental crowns. Patients rely on the expertise, skill, and gentle approach we bring to their treatment.

When you come in for your initial consultation, Dr. Winter will take extensive time to learn about your concerns, evaluate your needs, and examine your teeth. You may be a good candidate for dental crowns if you:

  • Want teeth that are unblemished, stronger, and more beautiful.
  • Have tooth sensitivity.
  • Experience difficulty or pain while chewing food.

Sarah Winter Dental uses advanced technology to model your existing teeth and to determine how dental crowns can perfect your smile and bite. The entire process will be digital and will keep you completely comfortable. These steps create a treatment plan that shows you what your results will look like and also help you to move forward with confidence.

Next, Dr. Winter will work with expert ceramicists who will create your temporary dental crowns. When you come back to our practice for your second appointment, she will prepare your teeth to receive the temporaries, and she will spend time adjusting these dental crowns for the most natural-looking and comfortable fit.

With treatment by other dental practices, patients sometimes have to live with ill-fitting temporaries for several weeks before they get their final crowns. Because Sarah Winter Dental uses state-of-the-art tools to take the measurements upon which the temporaries are based, you’ll leave with teeth that are highly refined and very close to the final crowns you will get. You can expect to return to our practice about three weeks later to receive your permanent dental crowns.


Comfort. Quality. Artistry.

Patients love Sarah Winter Dental both for the experience they have and the results that they see. If you want effective treatment from a team of highly trained dental professionals who will prioritize your care, we encourage you to visit our practice.

With any dental treatment, one of our patients top priorities is to maximize the comfort of their visit. Dr. Winter and our staff are attentive caregivers who work gently and efficiently to prepare and place your dental crowns. The variety of tools we use also improves your comfort, such as digital scanning instead of physical impressions with modeling trays. If you have anxiety about dental visits, we offer a completely different approach than other offices you may have gone to, one that ensures that your appointment is a supportive and pain-free experience.

The quality and appearance of your dental crowns are obviously major priorities as well. Our patients want results that will last for years, and that will look like a restored version of their natural teeth:

  • The state-of-the-art technology that Sarah Winter Dental employs allows us to create dental crowns that are highly accurate. This lets Dr. Winter bond them more effectively to your teeth and produce a stronger, sturdier, and lasting biting surface.
  • When Dr. Winter plans treatment with dental crowns, she doesn’t just rely on a computer-controlled machine to produce them. Instead, she partners with ceramic artists who have extensive training in creating life-like and beautiful restorations. These artists take the time to fabricate dental crowns that are personalized with natural character.

As a result of this approach and our commitment to individualized care, patients of our care can expect attractive, highly functional, and lasting outcomes.

Rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth and eliminate chronic discomfort from tooth damage. La Jolla patients can schedule an appointment for dental crowns online or by phone at (858) 454-1500.