At Sarah Winter Dental, we believe porcelain veneers must immediately beautify your smile and return youthfulness to your overall appearance. In three short visits, the treatment will transform worn and damaged teeth into a straight, white, fantastic-looking smile. The most common feedback patients offer? “I wish I would have done it sooner!”

Dr. Sarah Winter expertly crafts porcelain veneers. Her advanced training, informed by her keen artistic sensibility and attention to detail, creates natural, attractive outcomes that can last a lifetime.

The smile is a primary part of your visual identity. Your smile is the first thing people notice and the feature people most remember. White, even teeth give you a healthy and aesthetic appearance and can help you to eat, speak, and smile more comfortably and confidently.

With porcelain veneers, La Jolla patients can improve the appearance of teeth that:

  • Are chipped or broken.
  • Are uneven or worn.
  • Have gaps or black triangles between one another.

At Sarah Winter Dental, addressing these concerns will be only the beginning of your experience. As a patient in our care, we will evaluate potential causes that have led to tooth damage or misalignment and identify solutions to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Our priority is treating the patient—not just the immediate problem. This means that we will promote your overall oral health at every visit with our practice.


Dr. Winter’s Approach with Porcelain Veneers

Though treatment with porcelain veneers is fairly common, your experience at Sarah Winter Dental will be anything but.

Experience. Dr. Winter has extensive training and practice in the use of porcelain veneers for rejuvenating teeth. In fact, other dentists train with her to learn the same techniques that she uses with her patients. Her research into the bonding methods and hard materials that make up porcelain veneers support more durable outcomes.

Comfort. Dr. Winter gives patients the most comfortable experience possible both through her technique and through the use of advanced technology. With digital scanning, you don’t have to bite down on a goopy impression tray—a huge improvement for patients who have a strong gag reflex or who simply don’t like the process. The practice also offers digital X-rays for added convenience in treatment planning.

Artistry. Veneers absolutely differ drastically in quality. Dr. Winter works personally with a team of experienced artisans who handcraft porcelain veneers for her patients. Rather than the result of a computer-navigated cutting machine, the final treatment you receive will be the product of expert ceramists, glazers, and other skilled craftspeople. Guided by Dr. Sarah Winter, this process will offer you a natural-looking smile, stronger veneers, and a comfortable and accurate fit.

Appearance. We know how important it is for treatment to enhance your smile in a pleasing and lasting way. As part of your care, Dr. Winter will take the time to ensure that your teeth are white, even, attractive, and natural-looking.

Strategy. As a patient, you want to avoid the “domino effect” of dental visits. Addressing only the most obvious needs with porcelain veneers—without considering the impact on your overall smile and bite—can lead to continuous and expensive treatment. Dr. Winter will evaluate all of the factors that will contribute to the final look and function of your smile, such as the length, inclination, and position of your teeth.

A Reason to Smile

Excellent care is only part of what makes for a successful dental visit. Your experience matters, which is why you can expect your care with us to be compassionate, engaging, and personal.

With porcelain veneers or any treatment we provide, patients will have an experience unlike any they’ve had at another dental practice. Dr. Winter will spend significant time reviewing the health of your teeth and helping you understand her recommendations. You’ll see firsthand where and how treatment can benefit you, and you’ll have confidence in your care throughout the process.

At every step, Dr. Winter and our staff will make your treatment comfortable and efficient. Patients frequently describe their visits as “completely painless” and “warm and friendly,” and people who have had anxiety about dental treatment for years often turn to our practice because we take such a unique approach to their care. We welcome the opportunity to show you the difference.

Sarah Winter Dental rejuvenates smiles in a natural-looking and attractive way. La Jolla patients can schedule an appointment to learn about porcelain veneers online or by phone at 858-454-1500.