Get an absolutely beautiful smile with Sarah Winter Dental. Through advanced teeth restoration, cosmetic dentistry, and BOTOX® therapy, our practice can help you look younger, smile more confidently, and share your best self in every moment.

Dr. Sarah Winter helps patients achieve this goal through a smile makeover: a combination of treatments that target their individual cosmetic needs. Leveraging advanced technology and the assistance of our skilled hygienists, Dr. Winter improves damaged, misaligned, and stained teeth for a more attractive appearance.

Dr. Winter has extensive experience in the procedures that contribute to a smile makeover. Before entering private practice, she spent seven years in postdoctoral work with leaders in the dental field, and she frequently trains other practitioners in cosmetic skills. She brings an artist’s sensibility to the procedures she performs, paying attention to the smallest details to create natural-looking and symmetrical results.

A Personalized Plan for an Incredible New Smile

There are a variety of reasons you may want a smile makeover. Patients often come to Sarah Winter Dental to fix teeth that are worn or broken or that aren’t as straight and bright-white as they could be. Many have been living a long time with a smile they don’t feel comfortable sharing or an appearance that looks older than they feel.

At Sarah Winter Dental, we love being the answer to these challenges. When you see the huge difference in your “before” and “after,” you’ll wish you had visited us sooner!

During your initial consultation, Dr. Winter will:

  • Talk with you about what you want to accomplish. Understanding your goals will help Dr. Winter meet (and exceed) your expectations.
  • Examine your teeth and features. Her years of experience and our practice’s digital technology helps her to evaluate your needs effectively.  
  • Prepare your initial treatment plan. Dr. Winter will discuss her recommendations in detail so that you have confidence in your care.

Dr. Winter won’t just look at your teeth and gums. She will instead consider all of the features that affect your smile’s appearance. This will allow her to advise treatments for your smile makeover that will attend to your most critical needs.


Options for Your Smile Makeover

Sarah Winter Dental supports patients with a variety of cosmetic solutions, including the below.

Dental Veneers and Crowns

Veneers and crowns are a cornerstone of our practice. Dr. Winter utilizes these techniques to restore teeth that have damage, wear, or decay. Her strategy is to look beyond immediate repairs to assess potential causes of dental concerns. She then recommends a treatment plan that aims to prevent problems from reoccurring.

Dr. Winter also uses this personalized approach in fabricating veneers and crowns for a smile makeover. Many dental practices employ computer-controlled manufacturing to produce restorations. Sarah Winter Dental chooses instead to collaborate with skilled ceramicists who design our veneers and crowns. Dr. Winter has found that craftspeople dedicated to quality give patients results that are more durable, attractive, and natural-looking.

Clear Braces and Teeth Whitening

Misaligned teeth can detract from the appearance of an otherwise great-looking smile. They can also contribute to tooth damage over time. Dr. Winter will evaluate your teeth and determine if you are a good candidate for clear braces. This smile makeover treatment offers patients an option that’s comfortable, removable, and non obtrusive, especially when compared to traditional braces.

Along with a straighter smile, Sarah Winter Dental performs whitening for teeth that may have become stained over the years. We provide in-office whitening—a fast and immediate option—as well as at-home whitening for treatment on your own schedule.

Get a dazzling appearance with healthy, white, perfect teeth. Call (858) 454-1500 to schedule an appointment to learn about smile makeover treatments for La Jolla patients.