If you’re like most of our patients at Sarah Winter Dental, you want straight, healthy teeth but not the discomfort and unaesthetic appearance of braces, brackets, and wires. That’s why we love Invisalign®—and why you may love it, too.

Invisalign is a set of customized clear aligners that you wear to shift your smile into place over time. As you progress from aligner to aligner, each tooth moves into its proper position. The result is straight, strong, and cosmetically pleasing teeth.

Aesthetics are only part of the reason for patients to consider Invisalign. Dr. Winter also recommends the treatment because it sets you up to have fewer dental repairs in the years to come. Straighter teeth can improve your bite, eliminate discomfort, and prevent damage to your teeth as you chew, speak, and smile. Learn more about these benefits and the treatment below.

A Straighter, More Beautiful Smile

Patients often begin their exploration of Invisalign by talking with Dr. Winter about its cosmetic effects. You may want to know about the results you can expect, the treatment time, and how “invisible” the trays really are. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Millions of people have benefited from Invisalign. It offers patients teeth that are properly aligned without gaps or overlap. Outcomes are fairly predictable and on par with traditional orthodontics.
  • Your time wearing Invisalign will depend on several factors. These include the degree of correction that your teeth require, how quickly your teeth shift into place, and whether you wear your aligners as directed. In general, adults require about 12 months of treatment to get their desired result.
  • Invisalign trays are low profile and closely conform to your teeth. This makes them very hard for other people to notice. Unlike braces, aligners are removable, which means that you can take them out to eat and can brush and floss without working around brackets and wires. You can also take family photos or attend special occasions without wearing orthodontics.


Stronger and Healthier Teeth

A great-looking smile is just the beginning. When your teeth are malpositioned, you may have more trouble cleaning them, and food may get stuck in your teeth more frequently. This can cause plaque and tartar build-up and put you at risk for tooth decay.

In addition, teeth that are angled inward face greater stress when you bite down than properly aligned teeth. Overlapping teeth can also cause friction and wear. Both of these conditions can lead to tooth damage, chronic headaches, and muscle fatigue.

Sarah Winter Dental often recommends Invisalign to patients who are experiencing these problems. By moving your teeth into their correct position, you can enjoy a lifetime of greater comfort, better tooth function, and improved oral health.

Treatment with Invisalign at Sarah Winter Dental

Dr. Winter is a highly trained and experienced dentist who prioritizes patient comfort and care. She will spend extensive time with you to learn about your dental concerns, evaluate your needs, and recommend treatment for both short and long-term improvement.

Whether you are exploring the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign or you want to prevent dental damage and discomfort, Dr. Winter can determine if you are a good candidate for the approach. Invisalign patients will have the opportunity to ask questions about their care, review their treatment plan, and learn about associated costs.

When you decide to move forward with Invisalign:

  • Winter will perform a digital scan to create 3D images of your teeth. This process is fast and completely comfortable.
  • You will receive a set of customized aligners that will be virtually invisible as you wear them. You should keep the aligners in for about 22 hours a day for the best outcome.
  • You will swap out aligners as your teeth shift into place, and you will have regular visits with Sarah Winter Dental so that we can check your progress.

Once your teeth are properly aligned, you may continue to wear a clear retainer to maintain their position. As a result of your treatment, you should be able to enjoy straight, even, and healthy teeth for years to come.

La Jolla patients can learn more about Invisalign by scheduling a visit with Sarah Winter Dental. Contact us online or by phone at (858) 454-1500.