Traditional braces can give you a more cosmetically appealing smile and help you prevent dental damage and discomfort. However, bracket-and-wire braces come with tradeoffs that you may not be willing to make, including their unaesthetic appearance, high maintenance, and obtrusiveness.

Clear braces provide patients with a different option, one that combines the best aspects of traditional braces with a subtle, removable, and comfortable design. At Sarah Winter Dental, we offer you clear braces to improve the alignment of your teeth as well as your oral health and comfort. Our practice is widely recognized for our expertise in cosmetic dentistry, personal approach to care, and gentle, effective treatment. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Should You Consider Clear Braces?                            

Damaged, worn, and misaligned teeth are common dental challenges. While Sarah Winter Dental offers treatments to address these issues, patients often have underlying problems that will cause these concerns to reoccur if they aren’t resolved.

Our practice focuses on patient care that improves both immediate problems and that promotes long-term health, comfort, and aesthetics. Clear braces may be part of this treatment for some patients.

When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Winter will evaluate the damage and wear that your teeth may have experienced. Often, the malposition of teeth cause these problems. When your teeth are not in the proper alignment, they can come together in a way that puts excess pressure on one or more areas of your bite. Over time, this can:

  • Wear down your teeth or even cause them to fracture.
  • Give you chronic discomfort or tooth sensitivity.
  • Cause frequent headaches or soreness around your jaw.

Rather than simply repairing the tooth damage, Dr. Winter may also recommend clear braces for people who are experiencing these issues. By treating patients—not just symptoms—she helps prevent dental problems from reemerging. The strategic, thoughtful, and personal approach she follows is one of the reasons that patients rely on our practice for their care.


Your Experience with Clear Braces

Traditional orthodontics use brackets that affix to your teeth and wires that hold or pull them into position. Tightening the wires and repositioning the brackets aligns the teeth over time.

Clear braces give patients an alternative. With this treatment, you will:

  • Wear a series of transparent aligners customized to your upper and lower dental arches.
  • Change these aligners on a regular basis as your teeth move into position.
  • Use a retainer to maintain the alignment of your teeth once they reach the correct position.

Getting aligner trays made is an easy process. Dr. Winter will start by using a digital scanner to develop a 3D model of your teeth. If you dislike the style of dental impressions that require you to bite down on a modeling tray, you’ll love this technology, which is significantly faster and more comfortable.

Dr. Winter will plan your care based on the 3D model and can use it to show you how your teeth will shift into place over time. Once your aligners are fabricated, you’ll be ready to begin treatment.

Comparing Clear Braces to Traditional Braces

As a patient with Sarah Winter Dental, you’ll find that clear braces have a lot of advantages over traditional braces:

Low profile. When you’re a teenager, it’s common to show off a smile that bears brackets and wires. Things tend to be different when you’re older, and whether you are out socializing or in the workplace, you may not want the stigma associated with metal braces. Clear braces are very subtle, conform closely to your teeth, and offer the least visible option for straightening your smile.

Comfort. Clear braces are typically made of a lightweight polyurethane resin shaped to the surface of your teeth. Most of Dr. Winter’s patients find this design a lot more comfortable than metal braces. They also don’t experience wire snaps and loose brackets, which can happen with traditional braces.

Flexibility. Dr. Winter encourages her patients to wear their clear braces as prescribed to get the best results from treatment (usually 22 hours per day). Unlike braces, however, you can remove your aligners if you have a special occasion, a date, or a professional speaking event. This makes the solution more suited to an adult lifestyle.

Eating and brushing. If you wore traditional braces, you would have restrictions on the foods that you enjoy. Typically, you’d have to avoid foods that could get stuck in the wires or pull the orthodontics out of place. You would also need to follow a special regimen to clean between the brackets, wires, and teeth. With clear braces, you can simply remove the aligners to eat, brush, and floss like normal.

If these benefits appeal to you and you want to improve the alignment of your teeth in a natural-looking way, we encourage you to contact our practice to learn more.

La Jolla patients interested in clear braces can schedule a visit with Sarah Winter Dental online or by phone at (858) 454-1500.