To all our patients with thanks and love,

Finally, the state of California has come out and said we are allowed to open for certain elective dental procedures and continuing care. We cannot wait to get to see you all again. While a lot of what gets done on our side will mostly be the same, as you probably know, there will be a few changes in how those things get done. We are a tad concerned the new measures will blunt some of the high points of getting together again. So, with those in mind, please…

Know that you have been sorely missed and we can’t wait for your return

Know that your health, as it has always been, remains our primary concern.

Know that we are thrilled to see you, but we can’t hug. Fortunately, your presence is the best hug ever.

Know that in our office the guidelines and practices for infection control defined our baseline not our goal line. We will continue to exceed those regardless of how they change.

Reverently, herein lies the tricky part.

Know that we are opening slowly, and won’t be seeing any hygiene patients until June. We are still busy making sure we exceed the standards of safety and have installed new air and aerosol filtration systems. Your safety and the safety of our team is of the utmost priority. As such… we are only seeing limited patients at this time.

Know the importance of coming alone, or having your companion or driver wait for you in the car; extra people in the lounge may lead to undue stress. We are happy to deliver coffee, water, and snacks to ‘chauffeurs’ to ease this difficulty.

Know that when you arrive you will probably need to wait for us to escort you into the building. Having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably, and please don’t be alarmed if our masked guides knock on your window (please do what comes naturally if the knocker is wearing something other than scrubs).

Know that as your health remains our biggest concern, we may ask those with high risk factors to pause before scheduling. That said if your condition presents as urgent or painful we will absolutely clear a space adequate to care for you safely.

Know that as we acclimate to new equipment and routines, some appointments may take more time. With grace and patience we can surpass these obstacles.

Know that same grace and understanding as we rework the schedule to accommodate patients with the most urgent dental needs means the world to us.

Lastly, above all else, please know that we are so excited about your arrival at our office and together we will make it the best appointment ever!!!

We look forward to seeing you more than you can know.

As May concludes we begin seeing patients and building momentum for the start of June. Of course we will keep you updated as we know more.