At Sarah Winter Dental, we design dental care plans to meet your needs for better health and desires for an enhanced appearance. Because every person is different, no two plans are the same.

When you work with us, we hope you will notice, every dental visit starts with a conversation about you. Before you arrive we take the time to review your health history information, previous chart notes, and any updates you have provided since you were last with us. Being prepared is how we ensure you receive excellent service.

Beyond the personal aspects of our approach, we offer a full suite of signature dental care services right here, under our roof.

It makes sense. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, so naturally the health of one part affects the health of all parts. Dr. Winter subscribes to a whole mouth, whole body health philosophy. She takes into account your health history, and your preferences for care before beginning any treatment. Dr. Winter and her team are also well practiced in working with your circle of care providers to ensure your continued wellbeing.


"Dentistry doesn’t get any better than a caring Dentist who genuinely cares about her patients!!!" - Phil N.
"Dr. Winter is an incredible dentist and her team is so nice, welcoming, and knowledgeable!!" - Heather W.
"The best dentist in all of San Diego! Amazing staff! It’s a beautiful experience from beginning to end!" - Cesar S.