3 Reasons People Fear the Dentist

Sedation Dentistry La JollaIt is not uncommon for La Jolla or other San Diego area residents to have dental anxiety. Fear of going to the dentist or undergoing a dental procedure is quite common. Dr. Winter understands this and offers a unique approach to both sedation dentistry and to ensuring patient comfort throughout the entire dental visit to her La Jolla office. Continue reading to learn 3 common reasons that people are afraid of going to the dentist. 

  • They Are Having Their First In-depth Procedure

So many La Jolla residents are afraid of the unknown. If you are having a first time procedure – such as a cavity drilled, a crown placed or veneers placed – it is understandable that you may be afraid of what is going to happen. After all, you have never experienced this before!  For this reason, Sarah Winter Dental specifically wants to know if you have any fear about your upcoming procedure. If so, the staff member you speak with to schedule your appointment will explain the accommodations that our office can make and will listen to your requests. 

  • They Are Afraid of Needles or Pain

A lot of people are afraid of needles and pain, and that is okay! Getting a numbing injection with a long needle can be scary, and the thought of undergoing pain for a dental procedure can also be terrifying. For this reason, Dr. Winter offers a sedation dentistry option called oral conscious sedation. With this oral medication, you will be awake, but just barely. Many La Jolla patients report that with this sedation dentistry option, a procedure that actually lasts much longer just feels like minutes*. If you are afraid of needles for numbing, Dr. Winter’s staff can space out your appointment so that you have enough time to take the prescribed sedation medication and be comfortably relaxed before any injections or dental procedures take place. Dr. Winter is also known for being extremely gentle and many patients report feeling no discomfort.

  • They Had a Negative Experience at the Dentist Before

After years of practice, Dr. Winter has found that the most common reason that La Jolla patients have fear of the dentist is because they have had a previous bad experience with another practitioner. Whether they weren’t offered sedation dentistry when they truly needed it, or they experienced an unbearable amount of pain during their dental procedure, something triggered a sense of fear of the dentist. Dr. Winter understands this and has designed her practice to be totally unique and different for her most fearful patients. With a spa-like environment, warm blankets and aromatherapy, we’re certain you will find Sarah Winter Dental to be a breath of fresh air.

Explaining Your Fears to Our Staff

Whether you’re certain you need sedation dentistry to make it through even a routine examination, or you want an option to keep you calm and relaxed throughout a more advanced procedure, our staff wants to know. It is our goal to not only ensure your dental health, but also your overall comfort throughout your visit with us. If you’ve been too afraid to go to the dentist, consider giving the Sarah Winter Dental practice a try!

You can schedule an appointment and talk to one of our staff members about your dental anxiety in detail by calling (858) 454-1500.

* Individual results may vary.

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